HAWK - mod. HFR Piston Pumps

High-pressure blasting pumps by HAWK®

The blasting pumps are a specific types of hydraulic pumps, designed and manufactured for different applications ranging in different sectors. Among these are addressed those pertaining to all activities such as washing, both in civil and above all in industry. But thanks to the skills of technical and construction design department of Hawk®, the blasting pumps are used even within a specific manufacturing processes that require complete versatility of blasting pumps in order to fully exploit the main features. In this regard, Leuco Spa produces blasting pumps since 30 years, now can offer in the market a wide range of pump models blasting pumps branded Hawk®, the famous brand of pumps recognized worldwide for its famous quality characteristics of materials and internal components, but especially for the versatility that the blasting pumps are able to get able to integrate into production processes of the main industries in the world. The design of blasting pumps by Hawk® from the base of the technical characteristics of the normal hydraulic pumps, but where is implemented the special seal of its components so they can be used at pressures much higher. For example, within the wide range of blasting pumps Hawk's branded, Leuco Spa offers the latest technology including the model 500 Series HHP Bar. This model in fact provides a limit of pressure that can get to even touch the 500 bar.

Blasting pumps for Australia by HAWK®

The full guarantee of Hawk's blasting pumps quality, is that when Leuco Spa has become partner of the Karcher Group, the german's giant that confirms the world's leading manufacturers of equipment for cleaning, which therefore supports the technical expertise of Leuco Spa for the provision of blasting pumps. If you are in Australia and you need to buy the best blasting pumps on the market, do not hesitate to contact us for information about our products or request a sales contact in order to purchase our blasting pumps. We are happy to provide you with all the experience accumulated over the years that we have established ourselves as one of the most important company in the field of high pressure pumps and pumps for car washing, and more generally with regard to the industrial cleaning.

Applications of guaranteed Blasting Pumps

All that characteristic allows the Hawk's blasting pumps to find useful applications in the main industrial processes, but also manages to give his best in the field of agriculture, where they can meet the most diverse applications. This is because the limitation of the 500 Bar is a nominal value that will determine the capacity for containment of pressure inside the blasting pumps chamber. This date, however, may be further affected by the special sealing gaskets and valves of the pump. And it is precisely these details that Leuco Spa has invested heavily in recent years focusing on improving the technical design of the various components of the blasting pumps in order to create a product that could achieve the highest standards quality while maintaining the specific efficiency and reliability.

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